Intimate scenes at every moment, don't go wrong watching this series in front of kids

Intimate scenes at every moment, don't go wrong watching this series in front of kids

Sleep paralysis is a special condition. But medical science does not consider it as a disease in all cases. Common: Nightmares and murmurs during sleep are symptoms of sleep paralysis. This time Cineprime app weaved a story about this incident. Kolkata came up in the background of the story. Howrah Bridge and Hooghly River are definitely the identity of Kolkata. As a result, the promo of the web series launched on 25 October 2021 on Cineprime's YouTube channel also came up.

The web series is called 'Boba'. Boba is a Bengali word meaning dumb or not able to speak. Dumb is called 'Gunga' in Hindi. But the story set in the context of Kolkata is named in Bengali to make it interesting. According to Bengali, Boba is a type of ghost that when eaten, people lose the ability to speak. At the beginning of the trailer, a Bengali woman goes to the doctor and says that she sometimes loses the power to speak. The tongue does not want to move. He often faced such situations in his sleep. The doctor told him that it is a case of sleep paralysis. But that night again he was scared when such an incident happened with the woman.

The woman tells her husband the next morning that someone tried to kill her last night. But the husband does not want to believe his wife. But the woman showed scratch marks on her neck. That night the woman did not sleep. The husband became intimate with her. However, in the meantime, the affected woman communicated with another woman via video call.

The woman told him to touch the scratched throat to see if there was any pain. But the affected woman does not feel any pain. The woman says it's called dumb in paranormal parlance. But who is this dumb? What does he want? To know you have to subscribe Cineprime app.

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