Kukirti Boudir with Deor, this web series is full of intimate scenes


Kukirti Boudir with Deor, this web series is full of intimate scenes

The era of OTT has started since the Corona period. But the emergence of OTT platforms happened much earlier. But many were unwilling to pay attention to it. Besides, mobile, laptop or notebook were relied upon to watch the content of the OTT platform before the Corona period.

But then the emergence of smart TV in the market gave some kind of stir in the world of OTT as well. The larger screen of smart TVs does not cause eye strain. Also, OTT became the main medium of entertainment due to the closure of theaters due to the Corona epidemic.

But lately some anonymous apps are taking place along with the famous apps. One of them is 'Bijli'.

The play store reviews and ratings of this app show that the app has a lot of problems. The subscription is not active even if the fixed amount is deducted for repeated subscriptions.

Many have mentioned this app as fake. However, Beazley's YouTube channel is launching adult web series trailers one after another.

They are also going quite viral. Among them is the official trailer of the new web series 'Rospan'. This trailer was launched on April 13 this year. The trailer has crossed two and a half lakh views so far. Aliya Naaz is in the lead role of 'Raspan'.

In the beginning of the trailer, Dada introduces his daughter-in-law to the younger brother. Boudi is attracted to Deor after seeing him working out. Once she goes to Deor's room in a red nightgown and asks if she wants to workout too. At first, Deor is nervous about this incident, but once he has sex with Boudi. On the other hand, the woman's husband knows nothing.

But due to alienation, she plans to kill her husband along with Deor. But will their plan succeed? To get the answer, you have to keep an eye on the Bizli app.

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