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Packed with intimate scenes at every moment, this web series is not to be watched in front of children


Packed with intimate scenes at every moment, this web series is not to be watched in front of children

Ullu has been providing adult entertainment to its subscribers throughout the year. But those who are not willing to subscribe to this app, Ullu has taken the responsibility of dragging them. Due to this app's YouTube channel, the trailer of the adult web series is constantly going viral on social media.

The trailers are made in such a way that after watching it, the viewer subscribes to Ullu for at least one month. It is actually happening. Adult web series 'Debrani Jethani Aur Uo Part Two' was streamed on Ullu on 5th May this year. The official trailer of this web series was launched on Ullu's YouTube channel on April 30.

The story of 'Debrani Jethani Aur Uo Part Two' centers around a rural family. At the beginning of the trailer, a woman and a man are seen being intimate. The man tells the girl, he has decided, to approach the lover's father and propose his daughter in marriage.

But the girl's father found out before her and caught both of them red-handed. The girl says they love each other and want to get married. But the girl's father keeps her confined in the house and says that he will not allow this marriage to take place while he is alive. The girl got married elsewhere. Incidentally the girl's lover indulges in adultery with a married woman.

But in the meantime the man's lover returns. She tells her boyfriend that she doesn't want to go back to her husband. But the girl's lover does not want to adopt her. On the other hand, the married woman threatens the man with physical abuse.

But the man tells his lover that he will take her far away from the village. He assures his lover that arrangements have been made to escape from the village. He asks the girl to come to the river at night. When the girl came to the river, the man strangled her to death and floated her in the river.

Can the man really save himself from the law? To get the answer you need to subscribe Ullu app.

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