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The mother-in-law pulled the future son-in-law close, but did not forget to look in front of the children


The mother-in-law pulled the future son-in-law close, but did not forget to look in front of the children
The mother-in-law pulled the future son-in-law close, but did not forget to look in front of the children

In earlier days banned movies were shown on television many nights. Then everyone would fall asleep, that's when people would binge watch such banned movies. During Corona when the whole world was locked inside the house. Back then people used the web platform for entertainment. Many series have been released on various web media, and the audience has enjoyed the juice. That custom still remains. No matter how much one goes to the cinema and watches the movie, the audience has already understood that there is a different fun in watching the series at home.

Never watch these web series in public. But of course you need privacy. To watch these kind of web series because web series show extreme physical games, which you can't watch in front of adults or in front of kids at all. Therefore, the practice of bold web series is not less recently, various web platforms such as Ullu, Prime Shorts, Cine Prime, taak have released series with many stories centered on physical relations, seeing that there is no end to the frenzy among the audience. These web series are started to keep the craze alive. Seeing which the new generation is going crazy.

The current generation now has an Android phone in their hands. And in our extra busy lives when there is no time to watch movies on television. If there is a mobile phone at that time at night, only then can our problem be solved. Hence the present generation is inclined to a large extent, to surf the OTT platform through these mobile phones. Of course you have to maintain privacy to watch these series.

The trailer of 'Love Guru Part One' is out on the Ullur platform. Where it is seen, first two young women are standing together and smoking, a handsome young man is coming down from the car in front. Among the two young women, one of the young women likes this young man very much, then she wants to know how to bring him closer to her heart. But the young man teaches the young woman and tells her to concentrate on her studies. This young woman is very fond of another young man, and that young man begins to like the girlfriend of that young woman. He then told that girlfriend, how to get closer to that sir's heart, the girlfriend then asked him to look for a person called 'Love Guru'. He promises that their relationship will be on the mend, but you'll have to watch the entire web series to see who will go where in the relationship tension next. It will release on 30th. You must watch the entire web series to see that.

This story was the first part but later the trailer of the second part was released. Here too, the continuation of the story continues. Here it is seen that after listening to the love guru, Minnie manages to subdue her private tutor. After listening to the love guru wishing the private tutor on his birthday, Mini wears the clothes he likes, and the private tutor becomes addicted to him. The entire web series will be released on the 7th. Check out Love Guru Part Two.

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