The wife is rented here! Then the husband hands the wife over to the man


The wife is rented here! Then the husband hands the wife over to the man

OTT platforms are in great demand these days. Audiences are still very fond of watching movies and web series on such digital platforms. Not only these bold and hot web series, but the story line of the series becomes quite interesting to the audience. And Ullu Originals team up to release hot, bold web series.

Their series are full of hot scenes as well as good stories. Viewers never feel bored after watching the entire web series. Because the plot is full of tension and excitement to entertain the audience. One of the most popular web series of Ullu Originals is Wife On Rent. which was released under the title Riti Riwaz on the OTT platform.

This series has a different plot from ULU's other web series. The story of this series is about a man selling his wife in a rental agreement. No woman's opinion is given space here. Here is a scenario of handing one person to another like a normal product. This plot will actually surprise you. You must watch this series on Ullu Originals app to know what happens next.

The series stars Payal Gupta, Hansi Parmar, Sangam Rai and Sagar Kudiar in lead roles. This series is creating a lot of buzz on social media.

In this series, both the actresses have given brave and sensitive scenes to the audience. Although the web series is old, it is still a craze among a section of netizens.

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