Web Series: Tide romance in the body to wear 'special' underwear, close the door

 Web Series: Tide romance in the body to wear 'special' underwear, close the door

Nowadays people's interest in taboo subjects is increasing. And people of all ages gather there. Male or female, almost everyone is interested in taboo. And many OTT platforms have gained popularity by using this religion of people. Almost every day some web series is released there. And these series are arranged with such stories and scenarios, which can accompany people's private time. This report will talk about one such webseries, which you must be alone to watch.

Recently there is a growing interest among people with such appealing web series. The craze for such stories is increasing among the audience. OTT platforms like 'Ullu', 'MX Online', 'Koku' are already increasing in popularity by making such web series. These platforms have become increasingly popular in secret. And this time, social media responded with such a web series. This series reached the peak of popularity secretly.

Recently, the popular OTT platform called 'Koku' released a web series called 'Room Service' full of bold scenes. This series is a series of 'Chul' genre of 'Koku'. This web series starts with a married couple.

They are not happy in their married life because the girl marries him only because he is rich. The husband has always wanted to have physical relations with his wife, but she is not ready. Another woman then offers the woman a dress and tells her that when she wears it, she will feel excited and ready to have sex.

This is how the young woman's life takes a strange turn. And this is how the story of this series moves towards the climax.

Directed by Azad Bharti, this web series has several bold scenes. Due to which this series has become attractive to the youth. And actress Ayesha Pathan in the central role in this series. Apart from this, artists like Rekha Chowdhury, Javed Sheikh, Nitin Pariera have acted in this series. You can watch this series only by subscribing to the 'Koku' application.

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