With multiple men on the pretext of selling milk, do not watch this web series in front of children

 With multiple men on the pretext of selling milk, do not watch this web series in front of children

Cineprime app is bringing new web series one after another for the viewers in the month of September this year. But these web series are for adults only. Although the age of the subscriber is above eighteen years while downloading the app and subscribing, it is completely eyewash. Because there is no way to know if the subscriber is telling the truth or not. As a result, such adult web series are easily watched by a section of thirteen-fourteen-year-old children. The official trailer of the adult web series 'Dhanno Dudhwali' has been launched on Cineprime's YouTube channel on February 1 this year.

The trailer has crossed nine and a half lakh views so far. The setting of the story of 'Dhanno Dudhwali' is a village where Dhanno is a woman who sells milk door to door. Women's clothing is bold enough. Exposed cleavage through her deep neck choli attracts men. In the very beginning of the trailer, Dhano takes two liters of milk from a man and gives him one and a half liters of milk. Dhanno's girlfriend saw it and asked him why he gave one and a half liters of milk to that man for two liters of money! Dhanno replies, the man has taken his half liter of milk for free. Just then Dhanno Dudhwali is seen entering a house.

The man of that house wants to enjoy her. Dhanno kicks the man away. But the same thing happened to him in another house. Dhanno says the man paid her Rs 1 lakh to caress her while wearing clothes. Dhannor's girlfriend wants to know why men are walking around that woman! Dhanno says, she knows how to keep men in her grip. Dhanno Dudhwali even has a duplicate key to the men's house. But once Dhanno's lovers started conflict.

Another man comes into Dhanno's life who gives her a lot of money. Dhanno wants to have sex with her. Once he killed those two lovers. His girlfriend helps him in this work. The two girlfriends smuggled the bodies into the trunk of other men's cars. But why did Dhanno kill those two men? To get the answer you need to subscribe to Cineprime.

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