Don't forget to watch these 4 sweaty web series coming soon in Ullu, in front of the kids


Don't forget to watch these 4 sweaty web series coming soon in Ullu, in front of the kids

When the entire cinema world was devastated due to the Corona pandemic, web series after web series were released on OTT platforms. Hasi's web series, along with several hot web series, are made on the OTT platform Ullu. Which netizens started watching to make leisure time enjoyable.

But even after the outbreak of Corona pandemic is over, people are enjoying the juice of all these daring web series on Go-Crush these days. We tell you, 4 more sweaty web series are going to be released in Ullu by the end of this year. In today's article let's know when a web series is going to release-

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1. Sabak Ishq Ka: This hottest web series on the OTT platform is arranged by student and teacher incidents. The web series stars Alendra Beal and Love Preet Kaur in bold scenes. Which was released on September 19 this year.

2. Charmsukh – Jaane Anjane May 7: This web series has entered the list of brave web series in Ullu. Which will be released this year. The previous six seasons were particularly liked by netizens. This web series starring Genie Jaaz, Deepak Dutt Sharma and Pihu Singh can bring you heavenly bliss.

3. Kitty Party: The release date of this most awaited web series on Ullu App is yet to be announced. However, netizens are sleeplessly waiting to see its brave tailor. Poonam Rajput, Payal Patil, Pooja Poddar, Samit Paul, Ali Sheikh, Gaurav Singh, Shakespeare S. are acting in different scenes of this web series. Tripathi, Payal Patel and Vihan Kapoor.

4. Mishti: Another awaited web series on Ullu app is Mishti. Bharti Jha played the lead role in the web series. This daring web series was released on 30th September.

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