These 5 actresses including Kiara Advani have crossed the line of shame in the OTT world, here is the list

These 5 actresses including Kiara Advani have crossed the line of shame in the OTT world, here is the list

Keeping pace with the digital world, OTT platforms are currently gaining more popularity than TV serials. Even now many big stars are showing their magic on OTT platform instead of doing Bollywood movies. But since this OTT platform is spread over the Internet world, it does not have any censor board. And taking advantage of this, adult web series have spread on the OTT platform.

Many Bollywood actresses have made a name for themselves in this place. From Shovita Dhulipala, Tamannaah Bhatia, Kiara Advani, Shweta Tripathi to Ridhi Dogra, these actresses have built a strong fan base for themselves on OTT. They have surprised everyone by working in a brave web series.

Kiara Advani is at the top of this list. He got his career break with an adult web series. His part in Last Story web series went viral on the internet. Millions of people became crazy about his sensual expression. Vicky Kaushal shared the screen with Kiara in it.

Then came Shovita Dhulipala in this list. She also indulged in bed scenes beyond shame in the web series Made in Heaven with Jim Sarwar. You will be satisfied watching their intimate love sex. There is no doubt that your night's sleep will be Haram after watching this web series.

Next in this list is popular southern actress Tamannaah Bhatia. He has recently acted in a web series which has surprised everyone. He acted in Last Stories 2. In it, she acted in several intimate scenes with Vijay Varma. From curvy figure flaunts to liplock kisses, the actress has not shied away from anything. Some clips of his web series have now become hotcakes in the net world.

Actress Shweta Tripathi came to notice from Mirzapur web series. He played the role of Golu in its second part. Although she plays the role of a normal girl, her male fans have lost sleep at night watching her bed scenes. Netizens are surprised by his bravery.

Ridhi Dogra was recently seen in Shahrukh Khan's Jawaan. Ridhi, the simpleton of the TV world, has created a distinct identity for herself through her daring scenes and tough characters in OTT.

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