Crores of people have seen this Bengali short film, the views are increasing at a rapid pace

Crores of people have seen this Bengali short film, the views are increasing at a rapid pace

As the age is becoming modern, the time in the hands of people is also decreasing. Increasing workload. Almost everyone looks for the favorite entertainment to pass the time at the end of the work or the spare time available during the whole day's work.

Some keep their eyes on the TV screen to watch serials, some keep their faces on their phones. Let's go to the theater and watch the movie now much more than before.

  In fact, many people do not want to be multi-faceted anymore as all the entertainment is available on smartphones or laptops.

Currently there is no Hen thing that is not available through digital medium. Various types of videos are always going viral. Besides, from movies to serials, web series, short films, everything is available here.

However, lately there is a demand for another type of entertainment through digital media. People's interest in adult content is increasing.

And they have to rely on digital media to fulfill this hidden need.

Adult stories in web series are not new. Lately this kind of web series, 'Erotica' series have become very popular on social media. A large part of the audience likes to watch this kind of series.

Similarly, short films like web series are gradually gaining popularity among the audience. And now adult content has entered into short films as well. Especially Bengali short films are becoming quite viral in the net neighborhood.

If you do a little search on YouTube, you will easily find a bunch of such short films. The name of the short film that I will talk about in this report is 'Professor'.

The short film stars Suman, Shubashis, Maitri and Jayita. This short film was shared on the CFX short film YouTube channel five years ago. So far, this short film has received about one and a half million views.

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