Here is the Windows app – the way to run the computer from mobile!


Here is the Windows app – the way to run the computer from mobile!

Here is the Windows app – the way to run the computer from mobile!

Microsoft announced Windows apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC at the Ignite 2023 event. Yes, you heard right. Microsoft's new app is called Windows.

As part of simplifying the name of their service, Microsoft has come up with an app named Windows. Using this app, Microsoft 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Dev Box, and Internet can be connected to remote PC from anywhere. The app is currently in public preview, which can be tried out if desired.

Will the Windows app come in handy?

Windows apps are primarily designed to provide users with access to Microsoft's operating system in different ways on different devices. Windows Apps will serve as a hub for app virtualization services such as Microsoft's desktop and Azure virtual desktops, Windows 365, and Remote Desktop Services. It can be compared to Microsoft 365 where access to productivity apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint is available.

Currently the Windows app can be viewed using Windows, Mac, iPadOS, iOS, and web browsers. To pass the preview status and become the release version, this app has to go through many more changes and become its best version. This Windows app is not yet available on Android, but it is sure to come soon.

Using Remote Windows with a Windows app

Microsoft has announced which operating systems can be run using Windows apps. Since this app will also run in the browser, the Windows app can be used in any web browser that can run Modern Browser. Visit the website to open the Windows app in a web browser.

Also, Windows apps can be installed from the Microsoft Store for Windows devices. The app can also be installed on Apple devices through the TestFlight app.

Currently, you can only sign in using the Business or Education edition of your Microsoft account. By looking at the documentation of the Windows app, you will know how to connect to different devices through the app.

After installing the app on a device, the first step is to sign in using a work, school or personal account. This is a necessary step because this account will contain all future Virtual PC saves.

It's not important to use the software, but signing in is essential if you want to use Windows correctly and consistently. For example, you can use multiple monitor, webcam, audio, storage device, and printer connections through this remote Windows system. Supports custom display resolution as well as dynamic display resolution and scaling.

It will be very convenient to use Windows operating system from mobile. This Windows app can become much more than just a remote desktop workforce where Microsoft's powerful tools and platforms can be shared in the cloud.

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