Learn the new benefits of YouTube


Learn the new benefits of YouTube

Learn the new benefits of YouTube

YouTube is often adding new features to their site and app. Recently many new features have been added to YouTube which will be of some use to most of the users. Among the recently added features on YouTube, we have found the best features to know about in this post.

Many new features like new search feature, new header design, collection, intro animation, video description, ambient theme update have come to YouTube, some of which you will know in detail in this post.

Playback speed control

While watching long YouTube videos, you may need to pause the video at certain points. Now simply press and hold on the video to double the playback speed. In this way, long videos can be pulled very easily.

Video description update

If you're a regular YouTube user, you should already have noticed the new YouTube description section. YouTube video and channel links, social media links, etc. are now nicely displayed as logos in the description. Creators will benefit from this new feature, while viewers will find specific links very easily.

Sing to search

Remember the tune of a song but don't remember the lyrics or the name? No problem. Hum along to unknown tunes using YouTube Voice Search, and find your favorite songs.

New “live” animations

New visual features are being added to YouTube. In a video, when the host asks to like or subscribe to the video, the like button and subscription option animations will be displayed accordingly.

You tab

YouTube's Library tab and Account page have been combined to replace the new You tab. Account settings and channel info along with watch history, playlists, etc. YouTube activity are currently available in the You tab.

Stable volume

A feature called Stable Volume has been added that will protect viewers from annoying sudden sound spikes in videos. This feature has already reached mobile users first.

Screen lock

Accidentally tapping the lock button while watching a video can cause the screen to turn off. A new feature has come to YouTube to avoid this feature.

In addition, many new features have been added for YouTube Premium users, such as:

Queue system: While watching a video, which video will be played next can be fixed in advance through the new Queue system

Google Meet Integration: Watch YouTube videos together in Google Meet sessions, the feature is already available on Android, coming soon to iOS, via SharePlay

Smart Download: Recommended videos will be automatically downloaded to your library for offline viewing

Enhanced Bitrate: 1080p HD video can be viewed at a higher bitrate providing more crispness and clarity.

Which of the new YouTube features is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section.

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