This feature support of Android is coming to iPhone

This feature support of Android is coming to iPhone

Suddenly Rich Communication Services ieRCS Apple announced support.

This feature is being added to Apple devices through a software update next year through which features like iMessage can be used by Android and iPhone users while texting.

Apple's decision can be attributed to the pressure from competitors like Google and Samsung. Also RCS has become a more mature platform than before.

An Apple spokesperson said that Apple believes RCS offers better interoperability for cross-platform messages. Support for the GSM Association-recognized RCS Universal Profile will be added to Apple devices next year, an Apple spokesperson said.

By adding this feature to Apple devices, messaging between multiple platforms will be much better than SMS or MMS. However, Apple said that iMessage will continue to provide reliable and secure services for Apple users. RCS offers iMessage-style features for messaging on Android and iPhone. Features such as read receipt, typing indicator, high-quality image-video sharing, etc. will be available as a result of this new integration.

When RCS support comes to Apple devices, the option to share location within text threads will come. Unlike RCS SMS, it works using mobile data or WiFi.

HoweveriMessage Not going anywhere, rather it's just going to feature cross-platform messaging. However, this does not mean that Apple is allowing other companies to use iMessage, rather Apple will use RCS along with iMessage through the mentioned decision.

Apple also mentions that iMessage is more secure than RCS with advanced data protection for privacy-friendly iCloud messages. Apple also says that RCS encryption support isn't as strong as iMessage.Interestingly, only a few days ago, Nothing Chats came up with an app that brought the messaging facility of iMessage with Android. The company originally teamed up with another company called Sunbird to offer this facility through remote messaging. However, in the meantime, the app was unpublished from the Play Store showing a security issue notice.

Even in 2022, Tim Cook said very loudly that their users are not so bothered about bringing features like RCA to their iPhone. And this decision coming from Apple in just one year will surprise them to some extent.

However, the argument of "Green Bubble, Blue Bubble" continues. Because Apple doesn't seem to mix their blue bubble with Android's green bubble.

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