Whose Gmail account will be closed by Google


Whose Gmail account will be closed by Google

Google has warned about closing Gmail accounts that are inactive or not in use. The company has asked users to update these accounts within three weeks.

More than 10,000 Gmail accounts have been inactive for more than two years. The US technology giant has taken the initiative to close these accounts. Photos, e-mails, documents and videos on accounts that are closed after the specified time will be permanently deleted.

Alphabet-owned Google has taken the initiative to shut down inactive Gmail as part of a major overhaul of its e-mail service. Personal Gmail accounts that have been inactive for more than two years will be affected by this initiative. Although this policy was adopted this year, it will come into effect from next month. Google will not be able to store data from these accounts under the policy.

According to technical experts, this initiative to remove inactive accounts is part of Google's security measures. This will protect active users from phishing, account hacks and scams. Accounts that are inactive are more vulnerable to cyber attacks. According to company sources, several notifications or messages will be sent to the account owners before the decision is implemented next month.

Recovery e-mail information will also be sent to accounts that are closed. Users of accounts that will be terminated can exit the process by sending an e-mail, accessing Google Drive, or downloading an app.

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