Google banned 17 harmful apps

 Google banned 17 harmful apps

Researchers at malware protection and Internet security firm ESET were the first to publish a list of these apps to warn users. The apps were mainly targeting people from Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

The security firm also said that Google's attention is also drawn to the apps. Accordingly, the search engine giant has already removed those apps from the Play Store.

But Google removed the apps right. But leaving it on your phone still has the potential to cause significant damage. Find out whether 17 apps are on your phone or not.

Know about the apps-

  • AA Credit, 
  • Amor Cash, 
  • Guabacash, 
  • EasyCredit, 
  • Casho, 
  • Creditbus, 
  • Flashloan, 
  • PrestamoCredito, 
  • Credito de Credito-Yumi Cash, 
  • Go Credito, 
  • Instantano Prestamo, 
  • Cartera Grande, 
  • Rapido Credito, 
  • Finup Loan, 
  • 4S Cash, 
  • Trunaira, EasyCash.

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