How to get earthquake notifications on Android phones?


How to get earthquake notifications on Android phones?

Recently an earthquake shook the entire country. Many people received the news of the earthquake on their Android phones moments before the earthquake was felt. But the question is how to get earthquake notification on android phone, let's know about it in detail.

How to get earthquake notifications on Android phones?

Android Earthquake Alerts System is a feature of Android phones that sends alerts a few seconds before an earthquake so that it is possible to move to a safe place. Although the technology to predict earthquakes has not yet been developed, how is Google providing this service? I know exactly that.

First of all, this service cannot predict earthquakes in advance, such technological advancements have not yet been achieved. But thanks to this feature, at least a few seconds are available to move to a safe place.

Although Google's earthquake alert service is available globally, the feature works best in US states like California, Oregon and Washington. Basically many seismometers work together to provide this data. Android phones use the built-in accelerometer to try to detect seismic activity moments before an earthquake shakes.

The accelerometer on Android phones triggers earthquake notifications in areas where there is no dedicated seismometer system. These sensors send signals to Google's earthquake detection servers with the approximate location and magnitude of the earthquake. Then the Android users get a notification regarding this.

Technological advances are becoming more and more helpful in keeping us safe, as evidenced by technologies such as Google's earthquake detection service and Apple's crash detection service. Seismometer systems can be quite expensive to build and utilize, so it's best to use miniature seismometers built into Android phones.

A person must be near the seismic activity for this earthquake estimation feature to work properly. Google continues to improve this technology which is expected to provide more accurate data and alerts in the future.

Rules to activate earthquake alert on Android phone

Know how to get earthquake notification on Android phone. But it is also important to know if the earthquake alert is on in your phone. Let's know how to activate earthquake alert on Android phone.

First, enter the phone's Settings app

Find the Safety & emergency option

Turn on the Earthquake alerts option

If you don't find this option in the mentioned way then follow the way given below:

Enter phone settings

Enter the Location option

Select the Earthquake alerts option

Then turn on Earthquake alerts by connecting to data or WiFi

It should be noted that where to find the mentioned settings depends on the version and model of your Android phone. Source: Google, ZDNet.

Earthquake alert service can be launched on iPhone very easily. You can turn it on or off by entering the Emergency alerts option from Settings.

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