How to recognize phishing links created by hackers


How to recognize phishing links created by hackers

From social media accounts to bank accounts, smartphones, computers, nothing is left out. Hacker activity is everywhere. They cheat through various phishing apps.

Creates fake websites like login pages of various banks, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, various organizations and sends messages to users. By entering those websites, malware enters the user's mobile phone or computer.

Check out how to recognize phishing links created by hackers-

>> Verify the e-mail address the e-mail or message came from. Check the domain of the website. Make sure that the URL of the website contains HTTP or not. Also, is the URL spelled correctly? Fake or fake website URLs usually contain these errors.

>> To identify fake or wrong information, first check whether there is a 'Forward' sign next to the message on WhatsApp, Facebook or any social media. In most cases, fake messages are forwarded to different people's messages.

>> Forwarded messages sent, but not written. That person may also have received the forwarded message from someone else. He may have forwarded the message to you later. So if you have received such a forwarded message from an acquaintance, then know its authenticity first.

>> Check the spelling of the message. If there are grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes, then it is a fake link.

>> Many times you will see that after entering various links, a form may ask for your name, address, phone number, bank account number, credit card number or passport number. Don't forget to add this information to any page. These are the work of hackers.

>> Hackers also insert malware into various advertisements. Clicking on that ad or skip ad can also lead you into a hacker's trap.

To avoid hackers, do not click on any unknown link in mail, any of your numbers or social media accounts. Refrain from sharing any of your personal information. Don't give it if asked for a password or if an OTP has been sent to your number. These are the work of hackers. Hacker can get access to your phone, social media by giving OTP or clicking on link.

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