Some misconceptions about Linux based operating systems


Some misconceptions about Linux based operating systems

As people are getting interested in technology nowadays, some misconceptions are also spreading. And common users take many decisions without knowing about these misconceptions. If you've ever read an article about Linux on the Internet, you might have noticed this. In our today's article we will discuss in detail about some misconceptions about Linux.

“Linux is only for developers and coders”

Besides the history of Linux being closely associated with programmers, Linux-based operating systems are still used by software developers in most cases. Mainly because of this one reason people have this misconception that Linux computers are only for use by developers and coders who belong to technical background. It is true that the standard utilities and packages that come pre-installed with Linux distros are compatible with all software development. But almost every Linux distro/distribution has now started adding apps for general users.

What most people don't realize is that Linux based technology has become an integral part of their daily lives. All the people who are using an Android smartphone are basically using a Linux based OS. Because in this case they are using a customized operating system for a handheld device. This indirect Linux usage aside, you can install a beginner-friendly Linux distro on your computer if you want. You don't need to be a programmer or a tech expert to learn how to use it. What is mainly required here is a strong will to learn and perseverance.

“Using Linux requires command line prowess”

The command line or terminal is basically a feature included in a Linux distribution, and has been used since the beginning. When Linux development began, the command line was mainstream. Currently you can use Linux if you want, without using a terminal or typing commands in a Linux distribution. But there may be times when you need to solve a problem and for that you may need to write commands in the shell. But don't panic, most of the help is readily available online. You just need to copy and paste the commands into your terminal to solve the problem. Which can be easily done by any common user.

“Linux is not for gaming”

Although Linux lags behind other operating systems in terms of gaming, the current Linux distributions have given a lot of attention to gaming. You can now consider Linux as an operating system for gaming. Native Linux games like CS:GO are known to perform better on Linux than other operating systems including Windows. This makes it clear that if game makers start making games natively for Linux, Linux gaming has a lot of room to advance.

“Finding apps on Linux is hard”

Windows users enjoy special support for Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office and many other premium applications. On the other hand, such software companies do not offer software support for Linux-based OS. This makes many users think that Linux doesn't have many applications and they might miss some programs if they switch to Linux. This is no longer a problem though.

Linux has at least equal (if not more) applications than Windows. They may not be prestigious or well known to the general public, but they do the job they are meant to do. To name a few examples, Linux has GIMP as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop and the LibreOffice suite as an alternative to Microsoft Office.

“Linux is not infected by viruses”

A common misconception about Linux is that you won't get viruses if you use this operating system. But actually this is not true. It is possible that your Linux operating system is infected with a virus. The fact is that Linux is used by a small portion of the desktop operating system market. As a result, virus attackers don't develop malware for Linux as much because of the lower profits. This is why antivirus or firewall are not used much in desktop Linux systems. 👉 What is benchmark test on mobile and computer? how do

“Linux is only used on servers”

Many people think that Linux is only used on servers and if it is a desktop operating system, it can be better used like Windows or MacOS. Although Linux was originally developed by Linus Trovalds as a desktop operating system, its internal architecture has made quite an impact in the server world. Apart from running servers, Linux also runs computers, smartphones and even supercomputers.

“Linux is too isolated”

There are thousands of Linux distros available today and every softwareBrings different sets, user interfaces and unique ways to manage packages. This is why many people think that the Linux world is fragmented or out of control. But apparently this weakness is the main strength of Linux. You can manually select the operating system you want to use. You can install a desktop environment that suits you and use a package manager that you can easily learn.

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