This web series is full of close-ups of the teacher and the student behind the scenes

This web series is full of close-ups of the teacher and the student behind the scenes

Currently OTT has taken over the entertainment market. Even if a censored movie is released in theatres, it becomes 'uncensored' in OTT.

There are also several untitled OTs in the running for the web series. One of these is 'Halchal'. This OTT streams adult web series.

The official trailer of the adult web series 'Khel' was launched on Halchal's YouTube channel on November 23. This trailer has crossed only sixteen thousand views so far.

At the center of the 'game' is a school. One day the school peon saw the door of the teacher's room closed. But on the other side of the glass of the closed door, he sees Meena, the teacher of that school, having sex with her student.

But Peon knows about Meena's sexual interest. Meena's favorite student is Kuldeep. Suddenly one day offensive pictures of Kuldeep spread on social media.

Kuldeep's classmate Rashi is seen having sex with him. Everyone praises Kuldeep, but everyone calls Rashi 'asati'. Even the school peon deliberately pushed him away.

Rashi gets angry and says to Peon, can't he see with his eyes! But to no avail. Everyone started blaming Rashi. Because Rashi posted pictures on social media.

As a result of this incident, the Rashi took revenge on Kuldeep. Rashi PC about teacher Meena.

Rashi tells Meena, she wants to take revenge. He wants to make a sex video with Meena and make it viral on social media. On the other hand, Kuldeep makes a sex video with a woman his mother's age.

But they get entangled in a web. While playing a game, they are challenged to upload one sex video after another. But to know what happens next, you have to subscribe to Halchal.

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