Village girl's secret affair with father's age man, new web series packed with intimate scenes

 Village girl's secret affair with father's age man, new web series packed with intimate scenes

Winter season across India. Meanwhile, one web series after another is streaming on OTTs. But almost all are adults. On December 6, the official trailer of the adult web series 'Chikh' was launched on Prime Play App's YouTube channel. So far this trailer has crossed twenty six thousand six hundred and eleven views.

At the center of 'Chikh' is a remote village. There even today the bride's virginity is tested on the night of the full bed.

Megha, daughter of the village panchayat head, brings her boyfriend Rishabh to her house. She introduces Rishabh to the family members. Then Megha says, she wants to marry Rishabh.

Rishabh promises that he will follow all the rules of the village. After Megha's marriage with Rishabh, Megha asks her husband on the night of full bed, repeatedly why the power of sex should be in the hands of men.

Megha herself approaches Rishabh with her sexual desire. On the other hand, according to village rules, the elderly women wait outside their flower-bed rooms to hear Megha Shitkar.

But hearing nothing, they think Megha is not a virgin at all. Panchayat sitting next morning. There the village panchayat members asked Rishabh, whether everything was correct the previous night! But Rishabh says he has come to know that Megha is not a virgin. Megha was shocked to hear her husband's answer. He says Rishabh is lying.

Megha's father is the Panchayat head. He requested everyone to listen to his daughter. But the villagers don't believe. They demand Megha's punishment. According to village norms, Megha is ordered to have physical relations with three men.

Megha herself selects three men including Vighnesh, a panchayat member her father's age. Vighnesh understands Megha's problem. He engages in physical relations with her. The rest of the story will be known next Saturday. 'Chikh' will be streamed on Prime Play app on that day.

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